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Radio Frequency Systems, Inc.

WFAR was written by credit professionals, for credit professionals. WFAR's query function has taken the headache out of the multitude of month end reports that we're required to do. Dashboard charts provide quick snapshots of our A/R status. The follow up note feature is easy to use and has had an immediate, and effective impact on our performance. Whether you're a CEO, Credit Manager, or Collection Representative, WFAR is for you.

The staff at WFAR was with us every step of the way during implementation, but more importantly, continues to be with us every step of the way thereafter. They are professional, polite, courteous, responsive, and basically, great people to deal with.

Credit Manager

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Universal Music Group

UMG has been doing business with WorkflowAR for several years. They have always been extremely responsive to our requests and their level of service is beyond compare. They have been a valuable partner throughout the years - from in-depth technical assistance to advice on business processes.

We have found WorkflowAR to be a valuable tool. The screens are visually pleasing and easy to navigate. The system is user friendly and allows for the every day user to navigate query functions and download spreadsheets into Excel with ease.

Universal Music Group - IT, Credit & Finance

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DHL Global Forwarding

The WorkflowAR staff has been helpful, enthusiastic and enjoyable to work with. Whether the change to WorkflowAR is small or big the staff is only interested in doing what is best for our business.

WorkflowAR is a great tool that allows the user to get virtually any information that they need at their fingertips; from queries to dashboard metrics. We have found WorkflowAR to be a great asset to our organization.

Business Analyst

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Ossur Americas, Inc.

The Workflow AR tool has supplied us with access to ad hoc reporting (queries) , prioritizing collection activity, and providing us with business analytics for our entire AR portfolio. Stan and Jim helped us customize the software specifically to meet our business needs, and their service and support is above par.

What impressed me the most was that with most vendors, you are pushed to a 1-800# after implementation is completed, but with Workflow AR, we continue to receive personalized customer service. They strive to understand your business, and provide suggestions based on your individual needs.

We chose Workflow AR because of the flexibility of the system, the ease of customization, and the fair price tag in comparison to the other workflow providers.

Accounts Receivable Manager

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EPCOS INC, A Member of TDK-EPC Corporation

With WorkflowAR:

  • All the people associated with one customer can be entered and stored in one area.
  • In one screen, we can send (via fax or email) statements or dunning letters.
  • We can escalate an issue and apprise all pertinent individuals.
  • We have a direct link to the credit reporting companies.
  • We also have a direct link to the collection agency.
  • In terms of reporting,WorkflowAR can analyze for us and senior management, the financial health of our customer base... either individually or by our portfolio segments.
  • It also forecasts cash.

As a result:

  • We collect cash more quickly, identify and resolve problems sooner.
  • Achieve maximum efficiency, DSO reduced by 5 days!
  • Any user can review the account at anytime and see the exact status and history.
  • This is critical for managers and coworkers who need to assist when the ER is out.
  • We have also experienced a reduction in our bad debts.

Credit Manager

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